Ermine Schools

All Ermine Schools are wholly-owned by Ermine.


Taken by Philippe Put.

Pimley School

Established: 2010
Motto: Marvel
Principal: Ms. Sheba Sultan,
BA (Karachi), BEd (Karachi), MA (Karachi), MA (Malaysia)
Visitor: Lt. Col. The Hon. O. Wrigley-Pimley-McKerr III,
CP (Obl), ADC, BBus (FinPlan; RMIT), CCSecA, MRSS, AFIAAH
Founder: Mrs. Mehwish Yawar
Type: Independent, Selective, Coeducational, O-level (Cambridge)
Ages: 2–14 (expanding to 2-19)
Colours: Gold (hex #FFD000)      and Crimson (hex #A41034)     
Former Pupils: Old Pimleians
Victoria (VIK-taw-ree-uh) (purple, hex #663399)     
Thiruvalluvar (TI-roo-VAL-oo-vaa) (orange, hex #D66A00)     
Equiano (ek-wee-AA-no) (green, hex #006400)     
(0092) 021 358 313 85
(0092) 021 352 914 19
Pimley School,
Pimley House,
C-140, Clifton 2,
Karachi 75600,

Pimley School is a small school with a homely atmosphere. Children are received into bright and cheerful surroundings where classes are small and the focus is on each individual pupil. Ermine’s aim is to create a happy environment which fosters motivated, lively and interested children who not only have confidence in their own abilities but also a considerate awareness of their peers.

An emphasis is placed on providing the children with a thorough academic grounding for O and A-level while enabling them to realise and enjoy their own individual talents. Progress of every pupil is closely monitored in order that extra help and encouragement can be given when and where it is needed.

We expect to maintain a close relationship between home and school as parental support is considered vital to any child’s successful progress.


Prince Albert

Taken by Mark Skipper.

Albert Polytechnic

Albert Polytechnic is a vocational training institution which is planned to open in 2017.