Ermine in Cirencester

Ermine in Cirencester, taken by Barry Watchorn.

Welcome to the website of Ermine, a British educational management organisation unlike any other.

Our style is to nurture advancement through careful innovation without needless disruption. Whenever we acquire a school, it is with the intention of improving it. Ermine recognises existing good features and preserves them, while carefully reforming aspects of the school that do not meet our high standards. All Ermine Schools are independent of government and of each other and we always help our schools to retain their individual character as we improve them. English is the medium of instruction in all Ermine Schools and they are all academically selective. In this respect, we are proudly elitist. We create excellent schools for excellent pupils.

Our own extensive experience of attending and working in high quality schools, colleges and universities internationally guides us in our work. The work of our experienced staff enhances our pupils’ experience of schooling and of childhood in general. We support the emotional development of our pupils and the professional development of our staff.

We appreciate the trust that parents put in us when they decide to enrol their children in an Ermine School. To be responsible for a child’s schooling is a tremendous honour and we never lose sight of our duty to those who have faith in what we do.

We hope browsing our website will inform you about our work and encourage enthusiasm for better outcomes.


Colin Wrigley
MBE, BSc (Dunelm), MEd (Bham), FCollT
Chief Principal